Wechat Pay

Receive your money directly in your bank, either in China or abroad

Follow Official Account

Automatically follow your Official Account after payment

Official Account Integration

Open your Mini Program directly from your Official Account content

Mini Programs Around Me

Showcase your Mini Program on Wechat “Discover” section

Wechat Search

Use Wechat Search function to take advantage of Wechat huge traffic

Multichannel exposure

Use Official Account, Wechat Search, etc channels to promote your Mini Program

OUT1N Tools

Group Deals

Engage users to purchase in group


Send discount coupons to your customers


Offer amount rebates and members discounts

Flash Sales

Offer time limited product discounts

Bilingual Backend

Control your Mini Program with our powerful bilingual backend

Migration Service

Use our migration service to seamlessly upload your products

Add Wechat

Multiple scenarios to let your customers add your Wechat

Customer Service

Manage your Customer Service directly on your phone

QR codes

Create QR codes on your phone or desktop

Big Data

Track your Mini Program data to take the right decisions.


Give commissions to users who share your program


Perform sales livestreams in your Mini Program

Showcased Mini Programs

Register Mini Program & Wechat Pay

The first step is to apply for a Mini Program & Wechat Pay Account. It doesn’t matter if your company is registered in China or abroad: OUT1N can register a cross-border account for you!

Create your Mini Program

After successfully registering your account, OUT1N will develop your Brand Mini Program.

We will be in touch with you to achieve the result you want.

Upload your Mini Program code to Wechat

Once the Mini Program is completed we will upload the code to Wechat for verification, and after the code is approved your Mini Program will be online and all 1100 million Wechat users will be able to find it!

Time to promote!

“Miniprograms enable you to sell to any Chinese person that has WeChat which is basically everyone”

New York Times (Link) – Sergi de Pablo